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Initially I was going to make this post about wearing sleek flats and how to dress them part 2 but I think Part 1  provided a through explanation. For this weeks blog post I want to focus on how important it is to support your fellow peers in their business ventures; especially black owned businesses. I say this because our community typically has the least amount of support from our own demographics, people we call "sisters and brothers", compared to others. Every other race and ethnicity tends to have high levels of support within their communities. What I mean by this is that Asians support Asians, whites support whites, and so forth but we are the only race that contributes trillions of dollars to everyone else BUT the black dollar. I know it has a lot to do with black businesses being destroyed over time but the number of black owned business sprouting in this day and age has soared to higher heights drastically and we are running out of excuses or reasons why we can't support.

In a country still largely segregated by race, the wealth gap makes it nearly impossible to raise startup capital from friends and family if you’re black. Studies show that minority-owned businesses are more likely to be declined a loan, receive smaller loan amounts, and often pay higher interest rates than white-owned businesses. The system is designed to see our community fail thus being the reason I am stressing the importance of helping one another grow to heights unimaginable. Fun fact: “If you want to speak about African-Americans, they are the only people in America who were capital before they earned capital,”  “We came over here on the balance sheet. Aside from the land, we were the most valuable asset.” Blacks in particular don't understand the power they possess as a people and race, the sooner we understand the depth of our being, the faster we will grow and rise up as a nation.

I make a conscious effort to shop black owned first prior to anyone else because we need the encouragement and reassurance from one another the most. You never how your one choice can effects anothers small business in a major way. I recently discovered a black owned website,, that is a resource for individuals looking for black owned businesses. Just the other day I happened to order some tooth powder, mouthwash, and deodorant from garner's garden. So far the proof is in the pudding, because the products and results were phenomenal. My teeth are much brighter and my mouth felt 10x fresher after just one use. I only use natural and organic products for my body including what I eat and what I apply to my skin. Ask me about my everyday skincare regimen and I will be happy to share.

Remember the change starts and ends with us. "If we truly want to foster growth for black-owned businesses, we have to standardize the way in which we help them, support them, invest in them and fund them.”

Which black owned business will you support today??

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