Neon Lights

Neon is one of "Summer Seventeen" hottest trends and it is only going to get hotter. You remember way back when only small kids, the age of your nieces and nephews, wore bright hot flourescent colors? If you are paying attention, you can see how the neon trend is slowly creeping and transcending into the everyday wear of individuals who would/could be referred to as the older generation.

It is a given that fluorescent colors are odd and not typically seen as everyday wear and can be quite challenging when making attempts to piece together your "OOTD". But if you know me, you know that I am always encouraging you to explore the inner depths of your style by throwing caution to the wind and actually exploring styles outside of the norm. How will you identify your personal style if you are always traveling the minimalistic route? That's like no fun whatsoever!!!!

But I know that sometimes advice is "easier said then done". SO, I have a few fashion tips for you when incorporating colors into your wardrobe. I always advise to start off small and then build yourself up. What I mean by this is, start with a bright colored shoe or a fluorescent colored hand bag. Possibly style your fit with a neon colored hat paired with neutrals because you want to avoid a fashion disaster by looking like one big light bulb because you decided to wear an all neon yellow outfit. Noooooooooo we most certainly do not want that to happen (I'll save you the embarrassment now.)

My biggest suggestion is just don't overthink the whole entire process. Hey you may even decide to just wear neon accessories with an entire grey outfit and that's ok too. Baby Steps!!!!  So again remember to start with your anchor item such as a pair of shorts, hat, jewelry etc. and build your outfit from there.

With this look I decided to pair my basic neon lime green dress, which every girl will probably have in her closet, with my fluorescent coral (bordering orange) sheer kimono available on poshmark for only $15, and finished the fit with a gold chain waist belt. Both the kimono and shoes can be found on poshmark if you are dying to grab them. Easy, breezy, simple, and beautiful. When the moment came to decide on a pair a of shoes it was only right I chose my army fatigue stacked platforms by GX. These shoes are beautiful and if you are someone who loves army fatigue like myself then you will obsess over this pair. They're comfortable, versatile, and did I say beautiful?

Basic Neon Green Dress: Thrifted
H&M Coral Sheer Kimono: Similar Here
Glasses: Glitterkissesz
Hair: Me
Neon Fatigue Gx by Gwen Stefani Platforms: Older but found on Poshmark and

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Just when you thought summer was over..... -Jai