Flats..... I don't think so.

You know the infamous saying "FLATS.... I don't think so???" I die laughing at this saying every single time because I used to be that very same girl. Flats weren't even incorporated into my wardrobe until a few years back. Flats are often frowned upon or get a bad rep because they don't have the glamor and sophistication often associated with high heels. The only reason why I added such an essential necessity to my wardrobe....is comfort, comfort, and more comfort. I shall say it one more time.... COMFORT! What woman can't agree that as they age, your main concern is functionality and comfortability. Of course you still want to remain fly but you can be the bomb dot com while still slaying your flats. I am that someone who has been wearing heels since high school, and I won't tell you my age, but it's been a looonngggggg time since I graduated from high school. One can only imagine how much wear and tear I have subjected these feet to. Hence the importance of wearing flats from time to time and giving those feet a rest.

Most think of flats as boring, less lady-like or tomboy-ish and that couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, flats have a broad range from elegant to casual and have just as much chance of flattering your outfit and appearance as a high heel. When wearing flats you make the choice of what your personal style is reflecting, thus being the reason its so important to learn how to wear your flats. With that being said, you don't have to always dress down when wearing flats. The key is to buy your basics in abundance and add them to your wardrobe and achieve as many looks out of your wardrobe as possible. The number of ways to style one different item is up to you. Stop with the excuses... enough is enough. I'm just kidding but most struggle with "finding something to wear" everyday because they don't know how to maximize their wardrobe. But, that's another blog post and style guide for another day.

Take for instance this top that I am wearing; I have dressed the top up wearing it with a skirt and I have dressed the top down wearing them with my patent leather overalls. Even though I am wearing flats in this picture, I still feel and look fabulous and you can too. Rid yourself of feelings of inadequacy when it's comes to wearing sneakers and flats.

Eyewear: I-WearbyRaqui
Hair: Me
Netted Neon & Black Top: Swank Blue
Leather Overall: One & Only (Security Mall)
Shoes: Burlington

Always remember to think outside of the box, don't limit yourself when it comes to your wardrobe. You have to learn to create a wardrobe that is uniquely you, functional, and affordable. I can help you with all your fashion needs. Need a personal stylist, closet revamping, or just fashion advice? Look no further because Jai has a service for that. Click here if you just have a simple question or to inquire more about services. Dont procrastinate on upgrading yourself to a newer you. Remember... self care first.

Style.... because your personality isn't the first thing people see. - Jai

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