Have I gone absolutely insane in the membrane? Did I really just wear an all lavender outfit and actually think it was ok? HAVE I GONE MAD????


You remember how someone has told you couldn't do something, but you could? People are always projecting their feelings on to the next person because of their level of comfort. You have to stop allowing the opinions of others to affect you in anyway. Case in point when it comes to colors and incorporating them into your wardrobe. Most people are afraid of color and you shouldn't be because colors can transcend into greatness.  In the world of fashion someone is always telling you what you can and can't wear when ultimately the choice is yours and yours alone.


Wondering if you have ever heard of the term monochromatic? I'm sure many of you have but if you haven't, that's ok too. Jai is here to save the day. Monochromatic by definition, means to have or containing the use of one color. For example, if the color of your room is all pink this means that your pink room is monochromatic. Same applies to your wardrobe when you have an outfit consisting of one color.

This weeks blog talks about that time I decided to wear all lavender and wear it with a pink furry shoe. How daring of me, right? I looked and felt fab and you could too.

I paired my lavender sheer crew neck top with my lavender velvet mini skirt. If you haven't noticed, I never wear accessories such as jewelry because it's not quite my thing but jewelry isn't the only thing that can be referred to as an accessory. I accessorized my outfit with my lavender faux leather cap giving my outfit just the flair it needed. I love to pair items that most wouldn't think to wear because I like to stand out in a crowd. What's the fun in being boring when you can be yourself ?? :: Big smile::

I know everyone styles differ but the point is to always remember that it's ok to live a little. Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself. I want you to look feel at your best forever and always. I am ready to assist you with creating the best version of yourself possible. 

Patent & Leather Lavender Hat: Click Here
Lace Choker: Click Here
Sheer Lavender Crew Neck: Similar Here
Lace Bralette (Underneath): Similar Here
Crushed Velvet Mini Skirt: Click Here
Lolashoetique Fuzzy Shoes:  Similar Here

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Until next time... stay bright... stay vibrant.. stay YOU. - Jai


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