So while my heart holds near and dear to fashion, there are other areas of my life that are just as important to me. Every once in a while you believe you have this perfect idea in your head and along comes another idea causing you to return to the drawing board. You don't have to always redo the entire project, you can add subtract, multiply, and divide as you see fit. My family, friends, health, and being a well rounded person are essentials in my daily day to day. Although ParkerJai is solely and mostly about fashion, I want to introduce bits and pieces of Jai to the audience as well. Which is the reason behind me wanting to add a lifestyle portion to my blog which will practically include Jai's daily day to day.

My overall nature as a human being and how it is portrayed to others is important. Not that I allow the opinions of other individuals to dictate or shape me in anyway but as a blogger and consultant I know people hold me to a certain standard. I want to meet and adhere to that standard in order to please my customer, consumer and client. It is so easy to fall victim to the thoughts of other and their perception of you and the millions of creative ideas that you formulate. Human nature causes our hearts to fill with doubt but the higher power reminds us that fear is the work of something much more evil. Both fear and faith cannot share the same space, you have to chose one. Believe in yourself wholeheartedly and your actions will reflect those beliefs.

Very few know that I have decided to pursue a pescetarian diet. I haven't quite grasped the idea of fully vegan but I am aspiring to dedicating and committing myself fully. This post will reflect how much I enjoyed myself on my first thanksgiving with the absence of meat. I won't pretend that the savory aroma emanating from the turkey alongside the sweet smelling baked ham that pairs so well with my moms potato salad, was not tempting in the least.  BUT! I stayed strong and I didn't so much as tear off a small piece. I was very proud of myself, and my awesome mom even went out her way to bake me a filet of salmon (thanks mom). I am about approximately two months in and I want you all to help and encourage me along the ride. So please follow me on this lifestyle journey as I present it to you with style & grace....

ParkerJai style.