Beast Mode


What do you do as a blogger when you're feeling uninspired? Every now and again you fall short on blog content or you experience writers block due to a lack of inspiration. If you noticed, last week I did not have a blog post prepared for my lovely audience because I was feeling somewhat down and uninspired. You have to remember guys, I am human and I get feelings of inadequacies just like the next person. The important part to remember is to come back from it and come back even stronger.

With this particular look I embodied strength and resilience. Leather can be considered as a fashion fav and is always a go too texture because you can wear it in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. You have sooooo many options to create outstanding looks with leather alone. Pair those leather shorts with a blazer, don't forget your accessory for flair and a killer pair of thigh high boots and you are set to go.

LOTD x photoshoot was SO on accident!!! I did not mean for this look which was originally shot for a weekly blog post to turn into an ENTIRE PHOTOSHOOT but I LOVE the results! Just call me dominatrix JAI ::wink wink:: if you liked this look, comment and share your thoughts I would love to hear it. Don't forget Jai is always available to style you for your next event, photo shoot, or weekly looks. Don't forget to reach out to me via my contact page. Until next time ladies and gents!

Activate: BEAST MODE- Jai

Blazer: HM (Click Here)
Studded Belt: Old (Similar Here)
Leather Shorts: Ali Express (Similar Here)
Thigh High Boots: Fly Jane (Click Here)
Choker: Handmade