Behind the LENS

Each month ParkerJai is striving to reach out to other fellow black entrepreneurs who are also seeking to make their “mark” in the fashion industry. This segment of my blog will be referred to as “business highlights”, emphasizing the creativity of my peers whom are embarking on the fashion journey. I want to make my audience aware of different brands and business that may also cater to their own personal fashion needs and who can be of use.

This month I was able to shoot with a photographer who goes by the name, Everdon B. Everdon is an exceptional photographer who has an amazing eye. When you see photographs of his work you’re immediately blown away by his images. He has been pursuing photography for less than a year and you would never guess!  I was able to create a DYNAMIC photo shoot that has left me speechless. I, of course, was the stylist and he was the photographer/creative director.

Everdon was able to offer insight on the shoot and the inspiration behind the photos produced. His words have not been altered or changed in any way and solely belong to the artist:

“Most of my inspiration comes from music and fashion. For this particular series I was I inspired by Missy Elliott’s visuals from her album “Supa Dupa Fly”, Janet and Michael Jackson’s visuals from their song “Scream” and Lil Kim’s “Hardcore” era. I remember seeing the visuals for each one and was blown away at how innovative they were.  I was excited to recreate this and show viewers that it’s not just about taking a great picture for me; it’s about the story or the journey behind the image.
As a photographer, I want my audience to be able to see the dedication in my artistry. I want my audience to be able to view my subject exactly as I see it. When I’m taking pictures, in that moment when I am viewing my subject and I see my vision coming to life, it’s like a state of euphoria. Everything starts with that one idea and before you know it, you’ve created something bigger than your imagination. I fall in love with that feeling every time… “

Please reach out to Everdon B if you are also looking to create masterpieces and visual aesthetics via art form. He is on Instagram as @everdonb or you can submit info through my contact page and the information will be forwarded. Let's all come together to leave our audiences in awe. Let me be your stylist & muse, while Everdon B is capturing the "forever" moments. I can't wait to hear from my lovely readers expressing how the photos made you feel as well.

.....I too fall in L.O.V.E with that "feeling every SINGLE time. -Jai