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.Wardrobe & Personal Stylist.
.Fashion Blogger.
.Image Consultant.
.Personal Shopper.

I am SUPER excited that you have decided to grace my page with your presence and I surely hope you are here to stay.  My name is Jewel Parker but you can most certainly call me Jai. First, I am a wardrobe stylist/image consultant and then I am a blogger. My extreme passion for fashion dates back all the way to when I was a small child. I created this site for others like myself whom share the love of fashion but may not necessarily know how to execute looks for their personal image. My site is for the thriving entrepreneurs, or the everyday girl next door. My talents and skills are not limited to one particular group of individuals. My website will be utilized to provide readers with fashion tips, inspiration, and creative ways to create stand out looks and boost your own personal style.  You will also experience beautiful photos portraying who I am and what I represent. 

My personal style is very unique, and can be described as bold and eccentric. I am an eclectic person who loves to represent that "IT" girl who has no rules when it comes to fashion. One of my personal favorites stated:

 Parker Jai LLC is not only a brand, it is a lifestyle!  The brand does not hone in specifically on fashion and fashion trends but represents more of a personal style and individuality. Your personal style should be able to tell a story without you uttering one word. True style comes from within and fashion accentuates what’s already there. Get styled by ParkerJai or shop Noir by Jai, either way you will not be disappointed!

" Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you are going. It doesn't have to be bright, doesn't have to be loud, it just has to be you."-Pharrell    


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